Our society always under estimates women powerA girl is not allowed to wear, to roam , to do anything of her choice why is it so ?Why you don’t give opportunities to womenWhy you always compell her to do household works?In today’s era Womens are proving them wrong by their effortsIn every field Girls are taking part and proving them better than boys.Girls can also do that whatever boys do then why you stop them ??Here I will tell you about some Girls who prove them wrong who says that a Girl can never lift weights..Everyone wants to get fit but only bcoz of narrow minded people girls can’t go to gym , can’t do excersicesBut these Girls proved them wrong and ACHIEVED something which made them inspiration of everyone.The Motivation you Require at the moment At first these girls looks like simple, ordinary but Their determination & Hard work made them Super Heroes.The programmatic personality lights up the lives of many , as these all influences them to walk on path of fitness.There are so many negativity which tried to stop them and compelled them to stay in home .But the determination and focus towards their goals can’t stopped them from getting their dreams comes true .These Girls balances their home , work and workout perfectly well .Dedicated, Determined, focused ,hard working these all are epitome to all girls who have complained about their problemsThese girls are an example of success to society.These are the one who uplift them for better future by neglecting the negativities.So ,break down all your excuses and start your journey with Motivation, Hard work and full determinationPOOJA SHARMA •What is the best lesson you have learned from your life-The best lesson I have learned from my life is to Never give up in any situation.We have to face every situation with smile To understand every part of life is have hurdlesAnd we have to face the hurdles and overcome them and succeed in life• What was your most drowning drawback of your life– For me The most drowning drawback and difficult part of my life was when I stared my journey . Initial days were hard for me to understand the differences of fitness.When I started I was not having any knowledge about it because that time internet services, Social media was not so much available like now we can access it .So initial days were difficult for me•Who Supported you in Your Transformation journey– My boyfriend Gaurav Chakraborty is the best Supporter.He is also in fitness.He always supported & motivated me in transformationHe was and he is always with me in every situation• How do you stay motivated– I am motivated by some fitness freaks .And the biggest Motivating platform is instagram now a days ..And I tried to motivate myself through it • What is your strength– My strength is my Hard work and DeterminationI always want to boost myself and to be Motivated • How Do you evaluate Success– Everyone has different views on successFor someone success is living life with happiness, joy and healthy life.For few success is goals of life.For me , Success is following my dreams and makes them true with my efforts.Success is about doing what I like and following what I love.Success is NEVER GIVE UP • Are you Really the one that you want to be – We are never satisfied what we had Achieved and what we are today .I always want to become more better, better and better and ACHIEVE more in my life I am never satisfied with myself where I am today .So yet the best part of my life is remaining to Achieve.I want to achieve more in my life.•As you are an inspiration to world, what you want to say to your supporters, fans – In our society lot of people faces problems of what people think “LOG KYA KAHENGE”bcoz of this people don’t do what they want to do.I want to say to all that you have to understand yourself and ignore the negativities The thing which demotivates you ignore that .Nobody can push you down if you are determined, dedicated and focused towards your goals .You have to believe in Yourself, stand for you & to defend Yourself Respect Yourself then no one can break you down.•What you want to do for girls– Being a Girl I want to do something for girls .I always support and writes for girls .I support females a lot If I can do something for them I would like to make them understand their values, their importance.Lot of females doesn’t understand about that they are not meant for household work only.They have to understand that they have values they have taken birth to do something big and Achieve their dreams and bring the change.I want to aware every girl to understand them that they are important and they have some values to their life.Not males are everything in your life.You don’t need anyone to live according to them .Live for yourself live for your DreamsMONICA SAHU•What is the best lesson you have learned from your life.– Life is too amazing to waste even a moment on unnecessary people and their negativity.•What was your most drowning drawback of your life-My biggest strength is my ethics, which sometimes becomes a drawback when you live in a world where manipulation is sometimes more powerful than authenticity. Having said that, I am proud that I never forget genuineness even if that makes my work a little more difficult than some people playing fast and loose with the rules for quick results.• Who is your Inspiration– Every journey is unique. When I began my journey into fitness, I did not see any story like my own. So I decided that self motivation is the only way I will be able to achieve my very own goals. It has worked wonderfully and still is working really well for me. With time, I have also met many people who inspire themselves and the people around them with their hard work and dedication.•Who Supported you in Your Transformation journey-My Family was the only one with me in the beginning. Eventually the support extended into my Social Media Family as well.•Are you Really the one that you want to be – I have always loved myself and I do not see the need to change my inner self for any reason. If we can not love ourselves we can not make the future better for ourselves and the people around us.•As you are an inspiration to world, what you want to say to your supporters, fans Do what you love and do not give up even if no one believes in your dreams.SIMRUN CHOPRA•Could you tell us about yourself and how you started your journey– My pregnancy was a tough phase! I dealt with a number of issues including gestational diabetes. Though I was initially put on a strict diet, post delivery I pigged out without considering the consequences. Portion sizes were massive and I piled on weight very quickly! But then pregnancy and taking care of a baby took a toll on me. While it seems very logical that we look at recovery and work towards restoring our bodies to make it stronger, nobody actually does it. Before I knew it, I had piled on the weight and had done nothing about my health. With my weight soaring on the higher side, a lot of medical issues cropped up and I was told the only way out was to lose some kilos. had firmly decided to make a lifestyle change. I continued to work towards becoming a healthier, fitter, and stronger me. Unlike most people, my goal wasn’t just weight loss. I could feel the positive changes in my mental and physical health. Today, fitness has become a part of my lifestyle• What is the best lesson you have learned from your life– I had learned from my life to Never look behind what you had left.This journey has taught me to change my attitude towards negativity, to prioritise myself, my goals, and work towards them irrespective of the negativity around you. I do what I must do for my well being and betterment!• What was your most difficult phase of your life-Lots of medical conditions ranging from PCOS to bulged discs – these were just the physical constraints that I had faced! There was a lot of struggle to take care of my baby and fitting into fitness. As a mom you are expected to dedicate your entire life to your child. You are mocked for being overweight and then taunted for taking time out to do something about it. People will always be judging.• Who Supported you in Your Transformation journey-My family and my Husband Supported me .•How do you stay motivated-Anything that you do diligently for at least a month or so becomes a habit! I think once you start and keep with it for 6 months it becomes a part of your life. If you can make it your lifestyle, it will become something you would enjoy and look forward to.Make workout a part of your life, not an afterthought. Pick the workouts that you enjoy doing and if possible, do it on a daily basis. Start slow and be consistent to what activity you do. Start small, maybe with a brisk walk or home workouts for half an hour and then gradually increase the time. We don’t have the pressure of being body ready but you are doing this only to feel better and be healthier.• Are you Really the one that you want to be Not Really I want to achieve more in my life.I want to struggle more , I want to become more and more determined and dedicated, I never want to give up. I had cravings every day. But I also had a goal I wanted more than anything else.• As you are an inspiration to world, what you want to say to your supporters, fans-There are and will be challenges that come your way everyday – time constraints, costs, social pressure, and of course, lack of motivation. For every challenge, ask yourself which will matter more in the coming 5 years – your goals or these small hurdles?So , always be confident, strong and Determined in life then no one would stop you . ANKITA SINGH

Could you tell us more about yourself and how you got started with bodybuilding?

-I’m a Computer Science graduate from M.S.Ramaiah Insitute Technology, Bengaluru. And this is the place where all it begun. Food at my college hostel didn’t suit me because of which I fell so sick that I had to get admitted to hospital for five days. This is when a doctor asked me to avoid oily food and to be on fruits, clean food basically.

After getting discharged, I joined a dungeon gym close to my college on New BEL Road, as my relationship with my boyfriend of long distance wasn’t going well either. As soon as I joined the gym, it was like an instant love affair. I was able to concentrate on my studies more than ever. Life was GOOD! After finishing my graduation, I worked as a Java developer, Android App developer at two IT firms.How Do You Stay MotivatedI have always believed :”ONE LIFE, BE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER DREAMT TO BE!!” Because regrets will always take us down, if we do not ACT when we HAVE the time.So I’ve tried to be a Blogger, Software Engineer, in team India representing our country in not just one but TWO Categories (Fitness and Athletics), then later this year I chose to be a Bikini category competitor during the sian Championship. Apart from training people Online and Offline, I also remotely manage my Dad’s Business which is based in Mirzapur.What was the most drowning drawback of your lifeInitially I didn’t get support from my family. But now they have accepted the fact that it’s my first love, all though they want me to get married soon So initial days were very tough for me

. What would you advise young body-builders?

Some of the middle aged women have a very common misconception that if they begin working out, lifting weights, they may start looking manly. Well, as a matter of fact it is virtually impossible for women to start looking manly because our body produces 9 times less testosterone than men and there is no way of us getting huge unless they use unnatural supplements.

Having said this I see a lot of womenin the sport without much lifting experience recently using Anabolic steroids in order to be stage ready (without Muscle Maturity). They try everything to see short-term results which infact is very harmful in the long term. Not just that it affects their periods and their ability to conceive, but they also get mood swings and couple of other physical changes like increased jawline, and even a change of voice because of high testerone level in their bodies.

• As you are an inspiration to world, what you want to say to your supporters, fans-FITNESS STARTS WITH YOU! You will not only LOOK GOOD IN ANY SORT OF CLOTHES, BUT ALSO WITHOUT THEM Always remember ‘ONE LIFE, TAKE CHANCES…BE EVERYTHING YOU WISH TO BE’. SONALI SWAMIA fitness freak, who chose to walk the ramp to flex some muscles after giving birth to two kids and has bagged many laurels including the 2016 bronze medal at Asian Body Building Championship. Sonali is a certified Zumba and Bokwa Fitness instructor and is a TRX suspension trainer, which is imperative for weight lifting.As an army officer’s daughter, discipline and focus comes to me naturally. Though I am a Hotel Management graduate, my love for dance always took the first priority and so I pursued it as a career.As a certified Zumba and Bokwa Fitness Instructor, I was leading a near perfect life with my hubby and two kids till I felt the urge to learn more about fitness. And that is how I got hooked to weight training. The results were amazing! After all the hard work, I won India’s first ever Fit Factor by Body Power in 2014. This confirmed what I always knew that age is just a number. At 41, with two school-going kids, I am proud of myself and want to spread the awareness and motivate other women, especially those in India.”How do you manage your family with your career?My day starts at 5 am and by seven, after packing off children to school, the training session commences. I manage my time in such a way that I have enough time to pursue my passion, manage the house and finish all the training before my children return from school. The rest of the evening is spent with them.How does family respond to your ambition of becoming a fitness athlete?I couldn’t have got this far without my family’s support, which includes my parents and parents-in-law as well. When my mother-in-law saw the trophy, she was thrilled and said that I should work hard to bring home more of them. Also my husband Sanjay is not only supportive of my passion for bodybuilding but also keeps a close watch on my diet.Achievements:· Bronze at the recently held Asian Bodybuilding and Physique Championship 2016· First ever FitFactor by BodyPower 2014· 2014 Fit Factor India Winner· 2014 Muscle Mania India Fitness Winner· 2014 Muscle Mania Model Winner· 2015 Top 10 in World Bodybuilding and Physique Championships· 2016 Bronze Medalist at Asian Bodybuilding Championship· Adidas India Sponsored AthleteFinally before signing off Sonali has a word of wisdom for all, “It’s never too late ! Age is just a number, when it comes to following your dreams or passion. Take care of your health. That’s the best gift you can give to yourself!Failure will never overtake you if,Your Determination to Succeed Is Strong Enough.Don’t stop When you are TiredStop When you are DONE I hope all you women out there find your inspiration from the journey of these and take your fitness and health to a new level. And in case you are craving for more, you can connect with them on Instagram and Facebook for more updates and fitness tips. Keep reading our blog for more such inspiring and invigorating stories. Until next time, workout and stay fit.ThanksVISHAL AHLAWAT



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