Child labour is using a child as a labour or as a working body, mostly physical. It involves both part-time and full-time basis services are given by a child for any industry, business or other economic activity to any adult.Any services provided by an individual in his/her childhood is called child labour it can be forced by their parents or it can be done by the child’s wish due to any harsh living circumstances.

According to India constitution, this practice is considered to be illegal. Or say, hiring any child bellow the age of 14 for an economic purpose under any employer is illegal and punishable by law.

It is illegal as no matter what the circumstances be, it is wrong to snatch away the time of life where a person is meant to learn and enjoy his childhood, this is the time when an individual invest himself/herself in various learning process by parents, nature or surrounding but if at this time he/ she stay stuck in any kind of labour work they miss on the crucial time of their childhood. Child labour forces a child to suffer mentally, physically and emotionally.

It is a social evil, which has many disadvantages as it is hampering the growth of a child

Child labour restricts the growth of a child by snatching his time of learning and makes him mentally stuck as he/ she is not able to invest himself/ herself in education.

It also restrains physical growth as a child has to do various kind of work which might cause numerous physical issues.

It restricts and bound a child’s social perspective because if a child work in his childhood he happens to make sour memories of this world and grow like an adult with that mindset

employing a child in any kind of labour takes away the childhood and along with it scatter the happiest time and memorable time of Childs life into sad dark pieces.

There are 168 million children worldwide trapped in child labor, accounting for almost 11 percent of the overall child population: 1100 million boys and 68 million girls. Around half are engaged in hazardous work.

Children are the future of the country and if they lack to gain education at the right time it will slow the growth of the country and restrict its prospects of development

Parents should take the responsibility of the house and let their children go to school and not work as labour. They should consider education as the primary right of the child. Here, in India government has strategized free schooling for all children who cannot afford education, their parents should utilise all these projects

Help groups and NGO’s to work in this matter and demolish the evil practice.Government to launch policies which focus on providing employment to all adults so that it causes a proper income for the once under presaged and help in reduction of child labour.

Family control and family planning must be thought to all so that the problem of overpopulation be taken care properly which will help to reduce the child labour.

And most importantly, business holders and other employers should consider this as an evil idea and consider it a sin in their cognition and avoid this practice.

Children are the future of any country, they make the society ad their morals and ideas will shape the future, but child labour is an evil which is threatening the whole of the world. Due to many reason child labour is yet prevailing, like family situation, low employments to the family members, low awareness regarding education, mean motives of the businessmen and employers but equally we see that many efforts are made by the government to reduce it, any may more are required to make this practice stop by the society which is facing this problem. Losing childhood under the weight of stones and machines is the harshest thing faced by any child and hence, it is a black spot which needs to be removed as soon as possibleChildhood for enjoyment
Childhood for playing
Why you want to crush their lives
Under your feet

Can’t you see they are small
They should only play with ball
They should now go to schools
And not fight for foods

Why you want to give them tears
Don’t they have their dreams
They are not for earning money
Don’t ruin their childhood
Sweet like honey

They polish people’s shoes on roadsides
They works as servants in your houses
They wash utensils in restaurants
Sometimes they are even given hammers for constructions

How you can be so rude
Don’t you like kid’s happy childhood
Never give them hammer
Their life for pen and paper
And my dream is to “STOP CHILD LABOUR”

Today Our Guest is ARIAH AGARWAL

Interview With Her on Stop Child Labour


She is an Indian Actress and Fashion Designer. Ariah Agarwal is graduated in Fashion Designing from Raffles Design Institute, Singapore. She was began her acting career with TV Serial Kya Haal Mr Panchaal (2017). Ariah Agarwal lunched her own online fashion brand ‘House of Snigdha’ for men and women. She is the first designer in India to make a 3D printed outfit showcased at Nehru Science Center.
She Supports Children and She appeals to whole society to Provide Education to Your Children and Respect Girls .

•Why does Child Labour Exists?

Reasons behind child labour are;

Low resources for life survival of the child

Backwardness of the society and social injustice

Forced by the employer under some condition to gain more profit in less investment.

Unemployment of the parent

Lack of schools and awareness of literacy

Ineffective laws by the government to stop it

forced by family circumstances.

•What number of kids are included in child labour?

New worldwide appraisals for the year 2002 demonstrate that somewhere in the range of 352 million youngsters work. Of these, 246 million youngsters are included in the child labor for nullification and 187 million of whom are between 5-14 years old.

•What are the factors which leads to Child Labour?

Child work is both a cause and outcome of poverty. Family neediness pushes kids into the work market to acquire cash to supplement family pay or even as a method for survival. The presence of youngster work propagates family neediness crosswise over eras, moderating monetary development and social improvement. It keeps kids from picking up an instruction and aptitudes that will prompt an adulthood of better than average work opportunities.

•What consiquences does children face under these conditions?

The negative impact on the physiological and psychological levels of children includes specific concerns of child labor and its consequences on mental health. It is worth noting that one-third of children of the developing world are failing to complete even 4 years of education.
The physical and social consequences are deliberated by researchers; however, mental health area has not been explored so much. Studies are lacking even in Indian scenario regarding impact of child labor on mental health.

•How we Can Boycott Child Labour

By abiding the law &reporting to the police if we see someone exploit children.

•What steps should be taken to Stop this

Poverty is one of the important factors for this problem. Hence, enforcement alone cannot help solve it. The Government has been laying a lot of emphasis on the rehabilitation of these children and on improving the economic conditions of their families.
Many NGOs like CARE India, Child Rights and You, Global March Against Child Labor, etc., have been working to eradicate child labor in India. The child labor can be stopped when knowledge is translated into legislation and action, moving good intention and ideas into protecting the health of the children. The endurance of young children is higher and they cannot protest against discrimination. Focusing on grassroots strategies to mobilize communities against child labor and reintegration of child workers into their homes and schools has proven crucial to breaking the cycle of child labour .

•A message to Society?

Children are the future, we must protect them and provide them Education and Proper Environment.
Parents should take the responsibility of the house and let their children go to school and not work as labour. They should consider education as the primary right of the child.

12 June is Celebrated the WORLD DAY AGAINST CHILD LABOUR

We should Appeal every Day and remove this Evil now .





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