We are living in an age of women empowerment. Women the world over are working shoulder to shoulder with men. By and large, they are now empowered to take decision about different aspects of their life and profession.

Benefits of Women Empowerment:

Women empowerment adds to confidence of women in their ability to lead meaningful and purposeful lives. It removes their dependence on others and makes them individuals in their own right.

They are able to lead their lives with dignity and freedom
It adds to their self esteem
It gives them a distinct identity
They are able to gain positions of respect in society
As they are financially independent they are able to spend on all their needs and desires
They are able to make meaningful contributions to the well-being of society
They act as capable citizens to make the country achieve enhanced Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth
They get fair and equitable access to resources of the country
Necessity of Women’s Empowerment

Without women’s empowerment, we cannot remove injustice and gender bias and inequalities.
If women are not empowered, they cannot enjoy security and protection in life
It also provide them a safe working environment.
If not socially and economically empowered, women cannot develop their own identity
If women are not employed, the global economy will be adversely affected as women constitute a vast chunk of the world’s population
Women are highly creative and intelligent which makes it imperative to receive their contributions in socio-economic activities
For a just and progressive society, women need to be provided equal opportunities for work.

Today I am writing with a person who feel nothing is imperfect and this is just a line that women is weak which is being chowked into our heads and throats again and again.

Every Girl is doing best in every field.

She is MISTY BHARDWAJ a Singer & Actress and a person who wants to make every girl strong and to do best in their life without any fear .

MARDAANI is the voice for all women who have to face these problems.
But when you will realise your powers and talent .
no one will do wrong with you.
So let we all “JEENE DE”

With this we start our
conversation With


What is women empowerment

• According to me it’s about making every woman know about their rights so that they can find a new version of them in theirselves .They must know they can do all those things they think they can’t do because society told them not to do those things . It’s not about men or being equal to’s only about that women can also have their own opinion, own earning ways, own ideas about everything and they shouldn’t stop themselves because of men around them or society talks.

Why girls are Facing crime

• Simple answer because men not doing efforts to stop crime. There is still a huge % of men in our society who take women for granted or tease women just for their own enjoyment. They have no control over their emotions and lack of right education and lack of morals about respecting women.

Police can catch rapists after rape is happened
They cant teach them before the rape.
Their parents should teach them from very early age about these morals.

Why they are bound to household even after getting higher education .

• Because it’s going on like this from thousands of years. That house management or household things are only woman’s responsibility . Our parents taught us all the same things that a girl must know every household thing.They the taught the same thing to our brothers? No, Even if now girls are educated still they have to responsible for household things and their job both. Time is changing may b in future we will see a new world where both the man and woman will share the responsibilities. It should happen it will but it will take time.

What is the Need of women empowerment

• There is a huge % of women in village area where women think that they are only born to do household and managing kids and live and die in there. They face domestic violence n they think it’s normal they cant do anything about it. Need of Women empowerment is only to teach and let them know that life is not only about tolerating those shitty mindsets. They can do so much more in their lives. They can do job get out of those domestic vioviolences , put their own opinions about everything. There is a need of awareness about this topic.

What are the Barriers to women empowerment

• Men around us, not every man. But so many one don’t want this to happen because may be they think this can make their lives a bit harder they can loose their comfort zones or their dominance over women.

Women will do things how they like to do or how they think they should do. So automatically men will loose their dominating power in this society and their will be equal dominance of men and women . I think this can be the main reason why men don’t want this to happen. According to me, men should take this thing in a positive way that in future they won’t have to take the whole financial responsibility they can make their women a part of it. Life can go easily for both after this.

Does old customs and belienfs are responsible for crime against women

• I think not exactly because at old times people had their own way of women safety of respecting women . People should let change things according to time. They shouldn’t stick to the old rules or mindsets. I told in previous answer about the main reason of crime . Parents should teach boys about respecting women from a very early age.

What our government is doing about women empowerment.

• Our government also doing efforts for it . We see changes in our laws. They also supporting women in every way. They have freedom to do any job, to wear what they want, to live however to want to. What comes as a barrier is only few men around us or society. Government is always in our support.

What steps and Schemes should be implemented to Increase the Participation of Women in Society

• Women are already coming in front everywhere. Now a days we can see.
In board results there are girls toppers more than boys, Olympics, miss world’s, UPSC , everywhere we can see the growth of Girls is very amazing. To get more of it education and society freedom is the only way to motivate more women to come in front .

Means of Women Empowerment

Education: Without proper and adequate education, women cannot become empowered individuals. They need to be encouraged to go for higher studies so that they can contribute significantly in the creation of a knowledge society

Communication Skills: Without developing skills for effective communication, women cannot make their voices heard. It is essential for them to communicate effectively to become successful. As leaders, they need to put across their points to the people so that a family, team or company can be effectively managed.

Disposable Income: Women need to earn well to have their say in important financial decisions governing their lives. Being financially independent gives women power over lives and also contributes to the growth of businesses.

Power of Internet: Access to the internet has opened the floodgates of knowledge and awareness and increased social interaction reach and influence of women. The liberalizing influence of the World Wide Web has broken all taboos, myths and misconceptions regarding women.

Recently your song ” MADRAANI” is released which is telling us the importance of Women.

• Ya before this I have been working as a Model/actor but while I thought about initiating my work as a writer and rapper. I wanted to speak something meaningful and women’s day was the best date to aware people about few facts. I didn’t only talk about young women. I also talked about the people who send their parents to old age homes or kill girl embryo killing,domestic violence and etc. My aim was just to let them know that doing these things men only degrade their value in our eyes whoever do these things they need to stop.

By your song people got to know that there are women heroes. What thing inspired you and hit in your mind to make a song for Women.

• I’m glad to hear that people appreciating my words. I’ll be thankfull if my words can make a slight positive change in someone’s mindset.

We see those things somewhere regularly In our llives it’s just very less people talk about it. I did it was my choice and everyone should I think. If you see something wrong you should talk about it then only you can find some solutions.

If you got some Super Natural Power, how you will use it to empower women.

• I’ll control everybody’s mind and put this thought inside every mind ” men women just are different genders ,no one side dominance, both have their rights to live, wear, do, both must respect each other in same way” .
Everything will be in control.
Peaceful world with free souls .

What you want to say to those people who underestimate Girl Power

• You are just just living in your own fake assumptions and world. Come to the reality man. Women are not weak they just obey you to make you feel better once they stop faking and tell you the truth about you, you gonna be ashamed of yourself man. Never ever underestimate us. Women is the one Who gave you birth your mother, who stood by your side your sister, who take cares of you your wife and who take care of you till you die your wife or daughter in law. . If we can mange you through your whole life mean we can mange anything in the world if we want to. If we choose you to mange then respect us. You are nothing without women in your life.
A man without women is Nothing.

What you want to say to girls.

• Don’t think twice before taking your own decisions if you know you are right .Make your parents proud on you. Take right advantage of your freedom . You can do anything you want don’t look at the people who try to demotivate you. And my main words

Don’t be the victim be the warrior. Go girl✌✌.

Conclusion: Women Empowerment helps to make the society and world a better place to live in and march forward on way to inclusive participation. It means increase happiness for the family and the organizations where women make a difference.

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.







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