Pooja Sharma, a contestant on one of the popular reality shows, ROADIES has gone through a major transformation in real life. Pooja has revealed time and again that she faced ‘sexual abuse’ for years as a kid and her journey is not only to achieve physical fitness but to cope up with emotional and physical abuse.

Pooja believes concentrating on her physical well being helped her a lot in turning her life around. She has shed a lot of weight and her pictures will give you major fitness goals. With her inspiring journey, she has established herself as a fighter.

A contestant from Bengaluru shared her ordeal on the show, which left Neha Dhupia in tears.

Pooja Sharma is a bikini athlete and a personal trainer. She is also a nutritionist and her nutrition plans are based on the Indian diet, which includes roti, dal etc. During the auditions, Rannvijay Singha asked Pooja to share her deepest and darkest secret. She was quiet for some time so Rannvijay asked her to read it out from her form.

She wrote “Well most of the secrets are related to serial abuse. Got abused by a family member and surprisingly, I realized it after years.”

The story of this Bengaluru contestant abused by her own family member will break your heart.

Let’s Talk to

Pooja Sharma “

Yesterday you used to watch Roadies Stars as your Inspiration .
But today you yourself are a star.
How do you feel being a roadie star.

• Roadies is my Favourite show from starting.
I love to watch it from starting and i got inspiration from there to live my life and follow my Dreams.
and Today After Being a Part of Roadies I am feeling so Happy and Proud.
because when a dream is fulfilled, it is always a glorious feeling.
So , This was my Dream to be A Roadie

If we spend enough time dreaming, then the dream might eventually become real.

Who is a Real Roadie according to you.

•Real Roadie is the one who can Survive in the Toughest Conditions which are out of confort zone.
Roadies is known by its name.
A person Sensible and able to face any Situation without any fear .

What are you most passionate about in Life.

•My passion is Fitness as Everyone knows i am into Fitness from a long Time.
I am a Person who like to do more of creative work .
I always wants to do something challenging and new in my Life .

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

After Being a part of Roadies, what all did you learned thereafter?
What are the Drastic Changes which makes you different from others.

•The best lesson I have learned from my life is to Never give up in any situation.

We have to face every situation with smile

To understand every part of life is have hurdles

And we have to face the hurdles and overcome them and succeed in life

On my way to culling, to be honest I was all excited to show what all I earned during this time. I worked extremely hard for culling because wanted to something which no one ever did before, wanted to blow mind. I work 6-7 hours everyday to perform for culling. For me it was not just about getting into journey but about performing what I worked for. I never believe in comparing myself with anyone. I always consider on being best version of me. If I can do that, that’s my winning situation. If I get anything more than I will be just happy n will work for my next goal. I was also worried about what if I don’t get in, but in the end this life is your journey ups and downs are part of it. Every moment I will learn.

Actions speak louder than words, and your success must be the answer to a lot many.
How do you feel about this.

•We are never satisfied what we had Achieved and what we are today .

I always want to become more better, better and better and ACHIEVE more in my life

I am never satisfied with myself where I am today .

So yet the best part of my life is remaining to Achieve.

I want to achieve more in my life.

What has been your biggest struggle and your biggest milestone in the journey of Roadies.

•During Roadies Journey the biggest struggle is to Survive in the Conditions which a contestant have to face during the Journey.
The difficult phase is when we have to deal with Different kinds of people and to live with them under same roof that is the most difficult part of Journey.

But it is the wonderful phase of life , there we can learn how to fight , survive and how to deal with Situations.
An amazing Part of my life .

Would you Share you Flab To Fab Journey with us.

•Flab to fab is the Journey which is My Transformation journey.
Only losing Weight is not Transformation , but i regard it is as Happy Hormone.

It’s not about a body type.
“If you guys wondering why ‘Flab to fab’. Flabtofab doesn’t mean that I shaped my body certain way and that made me fab.

There are so many times I sat in corner and cried, felt like dying. But you know what inside me there was always a voice “why you have to kill yourself because of someone’s mistakes ? Or because someone is bullying you? I am strong enough to deal with these sets of “a**h**es”, I am special to me. And when nobody is there to hear me, I know how to talk to me ana share my story to myself and find solution for me And that’s my fab journey.

What is the Hardest Time of Your Life which you faced and which compelled you to make become a Real Life Fighter.

• It was a period for such a long time in my life, dealing with emotional and physical abuse as a kid and no one to share. I know many of you who are reading this might have gone through what I am posting and feeling like to die inside since you have no one to share your story and understand.

I know things haunt for years together and we often ask questions “why me?” Isn’t it? So lemme tell you whatever happens in life is for a reason. Such incidents made me stronger. I no longer have regrets about things “like why me” instead I feel it happened and “I am glad I know how to deal with it now, I came out of it.

What you want to say about that Thinking of Some People who judge Girls by Clothes.

•Why character is always related to size of cloth? Or Does really covering full body makes a difference? Answer is No! Most of us would have faced issues even after being covered up top to toe isn’t it? Eyes on us like they can see through clothes, which makes us feel like “Kuch dikh rha h kya ?”

Looking for a chance every time “SHE” bends areee kya pta kuch dikh hi jaye. Stop being judgemental about clothes. It’s your body my choice who you are to tell me? If something has to be changed it’s you, your thought about woman. It’s never about the size of clothes it’s about how he or she is been raised up? Reason I am including “She” here is because there are also set of woman who provokes such things. This is not to offend anyone, I totally understand all men aren’t like this but unfortunately number of men who aren’t like this is very small.

Even after so much progress still a girl is much exposed to cruelty and evilness. What is the root cause for the same according to you.

•There is still a long way to go to achieve full equality of rights and opportunities between men and women.It is essential to achieve equal opportunities in access to employment and to positions of leadership and decision-making at all levels.

We choose our clothes based on how comfortable we are in them and how they make us feel. Not everyone is going to feel great in the same things, which is fine. But when someone finds a style that works for them, they’re happy about it.
the society is judgmental. It sucks. I’m not saying that everyone is judgmental, but a handful of people are. That’s the harsh truth. Often times, it comes down to the way a woman looks or dresses. But it shouldn’t matter.

Say if a woman is dressed well, people will judge; if she is not dressed that well, people will judge too. You can never win. But it shouldn’t have to be that way

We should give education at small age then this problem can be reduced.

How can Fitness Activity mould girls and make them strong enough to fight evils.

• Fitness can be used as a Tool to become Confident and Strong to face the Society and to Survive.
Every girl should become fit and Confident to Face any Situation.

Please address a message to all the girls out there.

•Be that strong girl that everyone knew would make it through the worst. Be that fearless girl the one would dare to do anything. Be that independent girl, who doesn’t need a man. Be that girl who never backed down.

Pooja is all about fitness. She even dispels the myth that working out during periods is bad. She says physical activity can help regulate irregular periods when combined with the right diet. It also reduces stress, cramps and even alleviates mood, because of the release of ‘happy hormones’ called endorphins.

Thank You

Pooja Sharma

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