Interview With Shiwani Chakraborty

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

These lines can describe that if you are really dedicated towards your goal then no one can stop you in chasing your dreams.

With these lines I would like to introduce an actress By Profession

Shiwani Chakraborty

Shiwani Chakraborty is an Indian Actress, who is working in Hindi television industry. She was born on 23rd July in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. Shiwani made her acting debut in the Hindi television serial “Aise Karo Naa Vidaa” along with Anas Rashid, produced by DJ’s Creative Unit. She also acted with well-known actors like Neil Bhatt, Saurabh Raj Jain, Raj Singh Arora and Lakshya Handa. She has appeared in some well known serials such as Gulaal, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah and Mrs.Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein & Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki serial along with Vivian Dsena in Colors .
Shiwani currently doing role in Nimki Mukhiya serial along with Karan Singh in STAR Bharat.
Today it is My Pleasure to Have a beautiful Conversation With

Shiwani Chakraborty

After being a celebrity what all you have learned about life

Learning process is endless,well i can say after you become something people start making
connections with you even if they didn’t even treat you well in past.
thats life anyways i enjoy
everything and thats how I’m and yes i have learnt alot about life .

You have to work with diverse set of people, how you deal with them and stay positive

◆ This is the fact that there are different people ,different mindsets and i deal simply because i
know this is the world one can’t be me and i can’t be someone else.

so be happy with your values
and that’s how stay positive because i take this diversity positively.

What kind of roles do you prefer

◆ Well, thats the challenge for an actor that how you portray a character which ever is given ,i try
to give my best in any role but yes when its comes to a personal favourite zone i like comedy
anytime.To make people laugh is not easy.

Share few tips with the upcoming youth in the field of acting

◆ Believe me no tips work , seriously it’s only your hardwork patience and dedication.

If you are dedicated and motivated then no one can stop you in achieving dreams.

According to you is there any particular age to begin to pursue you career in acting.

◆ There is always a new day if you want to begin age doesn’t matters. there are so many examples
who all have started there career late but they are doing great but yes if you have talent one should try
to pursue your dreams.

How did you started and got involved in acting

◆ My real passion is Dance but there is a interest for modelling also.
I did almost all things won miss nasik got selected for Maharashtra queen ,then did
but i came Mumbai to be a choreographer as i am a good dancer and won so many
dance competitions at state level 3 times selected in boogie woogie show and i tried too to do
something in this field but destiny i came in front of camera soon and got to work in taarak

mehta and then Mrs. Kaushik ki paanch bahuien and Nimki Mukhiya and so on.

What are the challenges you faced in this journey

◆ Challenges are never ending i still face .
See this is life its all about how you deal it being a small
town girl it’s the most challenging thing to pursue something in film industry but i am always
positive with my efforts and face them now i am like

Aao challenge beta dekh lenge”.
I face all the challenges with a positive attitude.

Who supported you in your Journey of Success

◆ My BABA MAA because if they won’t see that i can do something it was not possible for me to come
out from my place only ..they believe me and was there to support me in all decisions and
apart from them my best friend she is alwys with me more then my family i can say.

Are you satisfied with your decision to become an actress so far

◆ Yes Big Yes
Because that Acting and entertainment ka keedaI am satisfied with my decision.
and i would like to say that everyone has to listen their heart while making decisions.

What as per you is the most important trait/quality to exist in this entertainmemt industry

◆ Patience and positive attitude towards your work is most important thing in any of the field .

If not an actress, what else you would have been today.

◆ If not an actress i would have been a choreographer.

In our society there is so much crime still after so much Development,
What are the root causes
and what initiatives should be taken to spread awareness.

◆ Crime is nothing to do with development because ,one need to develop from within the root cause
is that one have to stop thinking such a way change your mind set till we will not develop our
thinking mind set crime will continue its sad but true.

A message to Society and Girls

◆ My message to girls is first stop thinking yourself weak girls can do whatever they want to afta
all NAARI SHAKTI we should alwayss remember that Goddess durga was also a woman and
will request to all that give them respect not only to your sisters but to others too
Make cleanliness ,save water love your old parents, save your girl child &love trees.
On that note will thank you for highlighting on my life’s small journey and would love to thanks
all my fans … will keep entertaining you all… jeena yanha marna yanha iske siva jaana kahan..
lots of love

Thank you

Vishal Ahlawat

Shiwani Chakraborty



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