Offering help to poor and needy is all about offering voluntary help. If you are blessed with resources, then it becomes your duty to offer to help hand to poor people. There are many different ways in which help can be offered, to the right person who is in need.

As you think about the poor, the helpless, what is your compassion that can best help you with? It takes only a few minutes to know the requirements in slums, the AIDs orphans, the refugee camps. It is true that an individual alone cannot solve the needs of the world. But we can do something.

Well, there are few teenagers that think they don’t have money or the right resources for helping the poor. How can they help a needy? You must know there are many ways of doing that. Most young adults have the intelligence and creativity to find the best ways for helping others, despite having limited resources.

Most of us are blessed with resources so few people ignore poor people and never help them even having everything

but this is wrong and very painful if we are blessed with resources then it is our duty to help the needy ones.

When you help someone with pure heart then they bless you and expect to help others too.

Like this a young Social Activist

Anjali Yadav is blessed with resources but one day when she saw people sleeping on roads without clothes she got upset and decided to give them clothes and later on she found more things and helped needy ones and today she is helping every person who is in need without any appraisal she is helping them to bring smile on those sad faces.

Anjali Yadav

is a Social Activist & Star india medalist and phonex handball championship, and member of BJP she wants to become an Advocate to provide help and for the welfare of society.

She wants to become the Voice of Needy People

So, Here i am sharing how she felt that she can contribute towards society,

●What makes you Happy

Let’s talk about those who can’t even fulfill their basic needs. I have been blessed enough to have a happy,safe,healthy life and trying to give it to others because everyone deserves a happy,healthy life.

I’m not working In any NGO but I do help needy not just because it makes me happy but because helping them makes them happy.

When the Journey of Social Help Started

This started when I was in 7th standard.

What compelled you to start helping needy ones

I saw people living on roads out of the temples first I started to gave them some clothes after some days I gave them some fruits, sometimes vegetables I talk to them and help them whatever they need. That day i have decided that i will help them whenever i can with all my heart

Who is your biggest Supporter

I am so blessed that my family always supported me in this.

A message to women& Society

After this I started helping many of people that I found sitting out of temples and on roads sometimes I teach their children give them some story books stationary and taught them the importance of education I always tried to tell every women that they are super women for me,

there are some people who are never going to agree with that because there are a lot of people who don’t allow their sister and daughters to complete their education. There are a lot of girls who don’t go to school and can’t get proper education. My next mission is to help every child to get admission in government schools nearby their houses and provide them proper stationery. People do ask me why you are doing this alone why don’t you work under some ngo? I believe if you want to make change so you don’t need to wait for someone to make that change y don’t you start from yourself and make that change. This is my story which will never end.

I just want to say that if you are blessed with resources then help them they will smile and bless you a lot.

What are the things to remember to help poor

  • It is highly important that you should not be selfish.
  • You must help poor people around them.
  • We should think that one can be in the same situation as they are today.
  • We can assist them through organizations like the FN, you can donate money as they can help in feeding poor people.
  • You can also donate clothes, it is important for helping each other as every country’s economy is affected by other countries.

 Yes, you must help poor people. We can assist in different ways. With the money, NGOs can help in educating the people in various ways. They also share technology, food, clothes, and money for the people and assist them with the right knowledge.

What are the ways to resolve poverty

There are various ways of resolving poverty but the government should play an important role in resolving this. They should make amendments to the people who are below the poverty line. They should plan out things in a way which can at least assist them in fulfilling their basic needs i.e. food, clothing and shelter.

Every helping hand can help the poor. So one should come together and take an initiative to make a small contribution so that they can at least survive in this world to improve their conditions.

Thank You

Vishal Ahlawat

Anjali Yadav Follow on Instagram



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