Painting a Bright “FUTURE”

Hello Everyone In today’s world we all are so busy in our life and we never think to support and share pain of anyone,

But still there are people who are working for society fearlessly and with full enthusiasm.

I am feeling grateful to share this wonderful story with you all that how colors can bring smile and change in the lives of people who left the hope to smile again

So, Here we are with

An Artist and Passionate Social Worker ‘ROUBLE NAGI’

She is the hope and light to those who were living but they have lost their hope to smile again,

But, Rouble Nagi has changed their life and converted Tears into Smile

She not only bring smile but redefined the lives of lakhs or children living in shanties, all across India.

She has transformed their lives by Establishing ROUBLE NAGI ART FOUNDATION

and Misaal Mumbai , a project that has been in rich progress over the years and has brought about the cleaning up & beautification around the slums in the city , in addition to educating the dwellers.

Every journey is challenging but ROUBLE NAGI never feel happy if she didn’t face challenge .

And she always change Negative into Positive by her Hard work , Passion towards social work.

As an Artist Rouble Nagi, belive that life inspire art and that all life is created in love.

Nature’s wisdom teaches us about life everyday of what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Her concept of helping others starts every morning when she woke up, asking herself what she can do to help more and more people to make their lives better and bring smile to them.

So, let’s start Interview With


◆ Tell us about your Journey so far.

● In life we are all mostly brought up by doing everything that has some meaning to it, I mean doing something that has practical use. That said I believe that like every writer who is always in search of putting words to feelings, an artist is always on a journey of self-discovery. Taking cues from life and our experience of life we create what we have observed or felt , something that connects to humanity and situations or issues that we see around us. My journey is no different, I have always been inspired by life which feeds my creativity and helps me connect to my audience through my work. 

◆ What thing / incident made you Mural Artist and Social Activist.

●Travel has influenced me in more than one way, looking back I can say it’s what me into an artist. I believe all of us are artists in our own way. There is no such incident that has made me into an artist or a social activist in fact , my art has been a tool for my social activism and social work. I think it’s really remarkable when someone can use his or her creativity in an unusual medium to tell stories . I wanted to take my art to another level, to use it to transform and improve public spaces , slums and villages . Developing something so simple to improve the environment.

◆ What thing/ incident inspired you to establish RN Art Foundation

What was your motive, vision & Aim.

● Rouble Nagi Art Foundation was set up with a vision to provide low cost education solution to children living in the slums and villages. Transforming the lives of people through art and being an engine for positive change in the mindset of people. Addressing issues such as Hygiene and sanitation, women empowerment, education and employment. 

◆ Before doing any work everyone faces Problems , negativity and hurdles

What kind of hurdles did you face & how you overcome those hurdles .

● We are all products of our experiences, we learn from our problems and hurdles much more than success. Its a simple policy that I apply while facing problems , I listen – learn – and implement. Problems are always the guide that shows you the way forward. It’s often that the solutions lie within the problems. Understanding a complexity or problem is extremely crucial, only if you completely understand a problem you will be able to come up with a successful solution. Honestly I feel uneasy during a project, if it’s going without any problem or hurdle. 

◆ You are doing This work to converting Tears into Smile ,

How you feel when you see those Smiling faces and spark on faces.

● Its really difficult to explain my affinity toward the people living in slums and villages across our country, I ascribe it to an admiration I have for them displaying courage and moral awareness. In my experience with working with the population living in the slums and villages I have come to realise that it’s often the prettiest smiles that hide the deepest sorrow. Misaal Initiative was a holistic approach of slum transformation, we created advocates of change from within the communities who would become responsible to guide their neighbours and members of their communities towards a better way of living. My vision of fulfilment is not about my initiative receiving numerous accolades and awards , it’s towards creating positive impact and the number of lives I have touched in my journey. 

◆ Who is your biggest Support & Source of Motivation throughout your Journey.

●My inspiration has always been life, and the motivation comes from the positive outcome I see after the completion of the project. The hope I see in the eyes of people after my interaction with them is also a driving force for me, we cannot let down people who are hopeful towards a better life. What separates humans from animals is the expression of humanity. My team is my biggest support, without them none of this would be possible. My mantra “Your heart determines your fate” 

◆ What is Art according to you , and how art can bring the Change in society and lives of People.

●As an artist I feel that people remember pictures and images long after they’ve forgotten words. Art holds the power to start a dialog and gives you a point of entry. Your work must motivate other to come forward and take action. Art can be a change maker in many ways the best example is Misaal Mumbai/India. 

◆What makes you help others so selflessly , and how you manage your social work & Family together

● My view is that if you want to involve yourself in the life of people who are given up on, you have to look like the solution and not the problem, understanding the issue is always the key if you want to address it successfully. You have to learn to compartmentalise and prioritise your life in order to reach and manage all that’s important. I can work non stop like a Mule, my convictions are my powe to surge ahead never developing a complex based on ” What others Say” or ” What others think”. We are all unique in our own way, never attempt to be someone else it will lead to a ludicrous outcome. Be you and Be original.

◆ You have did ‘MISAAL MUMBAI’ Mission what was that tell us about the Mission.

● Misaal Mumbai was the first slum transformation initiative in the country via art. This was an initiative to transform the lives of the people living in villages and slums across India. Misaal had its thematic area’s Hygiene and Sanitation, Education , Women empowerment. We want to create an environment where life is preserved and the quality of life is enriched for everybody, not only for the privileged. 

Here are some details :

What: “Misaal Mumbai” is an initiative by Social Activist and Artist Rouble Nagi.

When: It started with Paint Dharavi in 2016, with the dream to impact & transform lives through Art. 

Where: Our presence is over 176 localities pan India (Slums and villages) 

The main goal of this project is to make the slum areas cleaner and more hygienic than before, using Community Art as the primary medium and entryway into sanitation, cleanliness drives, awareness of basic illnesses, health camps, skill development and education. It aims at instilling values such as gender equality, social justice, the spirit of community service, eco-friendliness in the slums and villages and their people so that they get transformed & grow into role-models for others. We are proud to support the Government’s initiative of Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan and even take it forward in our trademark style, of painting and aestheticizing living spaces. Art, we realized is the fulcrum point of all other efforts in our community development work, since it offers a dignified living atmosphere for people who often have much lesser than they deserve. 

We focus on holistic development, RNAF transforms the youth by inculcating skills, developing personalities and creating employment opportunities for them. 

◆What is the message you want to give to People & Girls.

● I have seen the same story everywhere. Although women do two-thirds of the world’s labour, they own less than one per cent of the world’s assets. They are paid less than men for the same work if they’re paid at all, and they remain vulnerable because they have no economic independence, and they are constantly threatened by exploitation, violence and abuse. 

I don’t believe in advocacy as much as I believe in action, I think its time we made fundamental changes in our society. Women in power must implement policies for the betterment, It is by giving women education, work, the ability to control their own income, inherit and own property. If a woman is empowered, her children and her family will be better off. If families prosper, the village and slum prosper, and eventually, so does the whole country. 

You will leave nothing behind in life;

its only the work you have done that will talk about you after you have gone. My Positive Impact on a person life will be my testament , we have a long journey ahead to create a positive change and difference in people’s lives.


Founder at RN Art Foundation

Rouble Nagi Design Studio

Misaal Mumbai – Social Activist

Get more about ROUBLE NAGI





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