अंत ही आरंभ है

A woman is one of the most beautiful creation of GOD,

Showering her respect as daughter,

Feel her care in the form of a sister,

Feel her warmth in the form of a friend.

Why did God create man first before creating a woman off course, because it’s always good to make a rough draft first before  making a MASTERPIECE…”

Happy Women’s Day

Every day, should be celebrated as Women’s Day. However, to honour their achievements, the UN announced March 8, as International Women’s Day. Also, it is the day to acknowledge their courage of breaking the rigid stereotypes, and coming out as strong powerful women. This year women’s day theme is ‘Choose To Challenge’, which means that every individual is responsible for our own actions and thoughts. The theme, further elaborates that from challenge comes change. One can call out gender bias and inequality. To seek out and celebrate the achievements of women’s. Together we all can create an inclusive world.

So let’s Make this day more inspirational and motivational by Knowing the Story of an Amazing Person and Inspiration of Many girls and youth.

Priyanka Chhawri, who is associated with ABVP. She has done her graduation in Mathematics from Lakshmibai College , University of Delhi, and holds degree of M.A in Buddhist Studies from Dept. Of Buddhist Studies, DU and pursuing LAW.

She promises to take a special care of physically handicapped and girl students in Delhi University and she had fullfiled all the promises made by her and that’s why she was elected as the Vice President of Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) (2016-17)

Here is an interview taken by 

Vishal Ahlawat

So let’s start this Interview full of Motivation, Inspiration and Of course Hard work all together

Priyanka Chhawri

How would you describe yourself , and how will you thank god for this life

If i were to describe myself in one word then I think “Fighter” would fit all the aspects of my life till now. I have fought the ups and downs and my failures. I have fought the extreme criticism with resilience. I have fought hopelessness with my optimism. And i don’t know what challenges I would face a head in life but one thing that i am sure of is that I would fight and triumph strong like a solid rock.
I am really grateful for the life that i have been blessed with , whatever i can do is still less for what my parents who have brought me into this world has done for me , from educating me to making me a sensitive human and for shaping me into a confident woman that i am today.

It’s an honour to be called and known as their daughter.
I am equally thankful to the parents that i got after marriage as they acknowledge my dreams and encourage me to achieve them , they have become my constant pillars of support and upliftment.

How did your Journey into Student Politics begin

Never in my wildest dreams have I thought that I would get into politics. But i guess it the drive that came from the inside the very first day when i went to campus and witnessed a protest rally staged by the ABVP and thousands of students sloganeering against the administration. It fascinated me alot! It was in 2011 when i got admission in DU and there was this Anna Movement against the then government going on and to be true i never thought i would get into public life but it was then when i joined the movement along with my friends and when I witnessed that a conviction of one man had shattered a government in the assembly elections , that’s when i believed that change is possible.

Then the unfortunate Nirbhaya’s incident had brought the people of india on the streets, I in the leadership of my organisation ABVP and her parents had joined the justice struggle and fought for the JJ bill to be passed and eventually it did and the sense of accomplishment it gave can’t be described in words and that’s when it occurred to me that i have to keep doing this , that i have to become the voice of the unheard and do everything that i can.

What incident compelled you to Join Student Politics and make yourself dedicated for welfare of them

Since my childhood i have seen people from all walks of life coming to our place first to meet my Grandfather late Shri Chandulal Chhawri and then my father Shri Jai Prakash , addressing them their problems and seeking help from them. This sight of people acknowledging them as their pillar of hope and strength made me curious. As i grew in this environment it was a daily affair to witness. And I think my drive for doing something for the welfare of the society came from home. My father who is currently the Mayor of NDMC have had his share of struggles while serving the people and simultaneously providing us the best of education in the limited resources that we had. My mother who tirelessly made sure that the house was always working , who was determined to get her children (us) everything that she couldn’t do for herself that is the trait the selflessness i got that from her.
In life you are always learning something and it is the experiences that make you add new attributes to your personality and I think that way i am always seeking motivation and positivity.

What and Who motivates you to stay determined, dedicated and Enthusiast

My first inspiration has always been my father! I have seen him toiling day and night for people. From little kids to the elderly , he stood up for every section of the society and is always there for them. I have learnt from him that if god has made you capable then give and share it with world and spread happiness.

What are the most important attributes of a Successful leader

I think a successful leader first must be empathetic. He should know the he has to put himself in the shoes of the society in order to learn about the challenges that they are facing. A leader should be visionary. He should have the vision for the target community and should be able to execute his vision.
A leader should be able to make futuristic and long lasting policies for the betterment of his people.
A leader should be easily approachable by his people. A great communication between a leader and his people leads to a developing society. Proper engagement and sharing of thoughts and ideas is very important.

Before Joining Student politics what were the things came to your mind which compelled you to bring some change
and what was the first work you’ve done after entering into DUSU

As i got involved in student activism I encountered that there were many issues which were unaddressed and there were many problems that the students were facing. Also as the young thinking students it was our responsibility to speak up for anything that was wrong that was happening in the country. We protested against the corruption. We protested against the DU administration to have allowed a book that abused Mata Sita and Hanumanji in a course. And against issues that mislead students and polluted young minds with wrong and unauthenticated information. Voicing up on such issues in the leadership of ABVP i contested DUSU election and won the VICE PRESIDENT (2016-2017) and the first problems that i solved was to get thousands of students admission in the university that were denied the same by the university. I can sum that my whole tenure as the VP was full of protests that were staged against the university concerning many student issues such as Admit Card , U special buses , exposing anti india elements etc. I also tried to empower the student community by organising many programs such as MADARI

that included various competitions among different colleges and that was one of my engagement programmes with the students. I also organised UTISHTHA BHARAT MARATHON. I also organised WOMEN’S FELICITATION PROGRAM to acknowledge the women achievers of our university.

What qualities are lacking among today’s Leaders , what things are required to become a successful leader

I think leaders today are more involved in propaganda politics and every propaganda is acceptable except the ANTI-INDIA propaganda but sadly the leaders of today are only questioning the good that’s happening in the nation under the leadership of PM MODI , they are only doubting the valour of our forces , they are constantly denying how INDIA has been able to make a strong impact internationally and how the PM and his team revered the very existence of Indians in India and abroad. A good leader will appreciate the opposition if the work done is good. Sadly that lacks in the Indian political scenario right now.

Share any incident which makes you Proud

When i won DUSU election , It was a moment of proud for me because not only did i was the first GURJAR FEMALE to have contested and won but also i was the first one in the family to win any election and to see the twinkle and shine in the eyes of my family while i was doing the victory sign on the Vivekananda statue was something that made me extremely ecstatic.

Also right after I became the DUSU Vice President , My father got the ticket to run for the councillor’s office and from the day he got his nomination done to the voting day , i made sure that whatever i learnt from ABVP i had to execute that in his election and i did that by going door to door and campaigned for him , by addressing various public meetings to directing and strategising with my team to the lead the same. And it was a very emotional yet proud moment for me when my father won the election and the sense of satisfaction that I got knowing that my 10000% efforts yielded results for him. It was a pure proud and emotional moment for me.

If in Future you would get a chance to Work in Government of India , in which area you would like to bring changes

If you dedicate your life to the betterment of the society then there are endless issues that need attention and must be highlighted in the public domain! However if i would get a chance to work in the government of India then i would certainly work in the Area of sports. It has always been my dream to empower the players of our country! However our hon’ble minister Kiren Rijiju is doing a fantastic job I would like to foot in his shoes and provide opportunities to the players who ultimately if provided with the required infrastructure come out with flying colours and make India shine in various competitions.

According to you , what are the Barriers in less participation of Women in Politics even after so much Development

There are still many challenges that women in India face when they think about entering in politics. There is a preconceived notion about politics not a place for women , this is one of the biggest barriers that make any woman reluctant in entering this social sphere.
The woman who are already doing well in this field are targeted and the hardest stone that hits is the character assassination of a woman by people around. This attacks the dignity of a woman and they tend to give in. Our society is still patriarchal and though things are changing in the leadership of our dynamic PM , a lot more is needed to change the picture which i am sure that धीरे और धेर्य के साथ we will achieve.
Our country really need to introduce the women reservation bill in order to encourage the women’s of our nation to step up and be a part of the government.

What you want to do for Girls and Society & A message which you want to give to our upcoming leader’s , especially to Girls who feels insecure in joining Poltics

I want to make the women community strong ! I don’t want people to put us in the vulnerable category. We are capable of fighting for ourselves and therefore i am thinking of starting my own foundation that would work for the welfare of women , that would empower them by embedding in them the skills that are required to make them independent and financially sound. I am disclosing about the NGO in this interview only i am sure that with my regular and sincere efforts we will make sure that we are changing the lives of the woman around us.
I want the girls to believe that they are self sufficient and that they don’t need to dependent on somebody to better there lives , they just need to be passionate and competitive and ambitious .





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