“The Electric shock that transformed my life”

Often women are regarded as one weaker gender, the one that couldn’t endure physical hardship. But this notion seems to differ from the women of steel, the ones who overcome the misfortunes like a pro. There so many women out there giving their best and challenging fate to change its course by their own hard work and determination.

One such brave woman is Paulami Patel, whose story differs from our usual everyday stories and might not be the one you heard of. But her story recites several tales of comfort we seek in our difficult times. As we said it’s not the story you heard, but a story you could inspire from. Let’s take a look at her tale and her inspiring story.

Until 2001, it was an annual ritual for 12-year-old Paulami to spend summer vacations at her paternal uncle’s Hyderabad home reuniting with her cousins. One afternoon, the class six girl and her cousin decided to pretend to fish on their second-floor home.

While the elders were taking their afternoon siesta, the girls attached a small playing utensil to the rod as bait and flung it outside. The rod slipped off Paulami’s hand and got tangled with a wire. Assuming it was a clothes-line, she caught hold of it.

Alas, it was a live wire that struck her with a current of 11,000 volts!

The current intensified when her body touched a steel chair for the mere fraction of seconds

She yelled in pain and blacked out. The power went off, and her bruised body was thrown back.

Her relatives found her severely bleeding, burned with torn clothes and rushed her to Apollo hospital, Hyderabad.

When her parents were summoned, her mother refused to believe anything serious could have happened to Paulami. But her father, being an engineer was quick to sense something was wrong. The took the first flight out of Mumbai and flew down to Hyderabad.


“The doctors thought that it was a miracle I survived. Because in most cases, the patient dies on the spot. The current had travelled through my right hand and left through my left foot. While my right hand was severely damaged, my left foot had no skin, muscles or tissues left. I lay naked for a week in the burns ward. When the gangrene in my right hand had begun to spread, doctors were flown in from Mumbai for a second and third opinion. Within a week from the day of admission to the hospital, my right hand was amputated


“I still remember constantly asking my mom, what had happened. I was unable to accept that I didn’t have a right hand. And my mom would tell me that my hand would grow back,” she laughs.

Her parents, Bhadresh and Rajul Patel have been her pillars of support. She recalls how they always had the most jovial answers to her serious questions. But this wasn’t the case with the people who visited her at the hospital.

But her parents refused to tolerate this derogatory attitude.“My father came up with a simple rule. He said none of them could speak to me. The only way anyone was allowed to see me is if they told me a joke and I told one in return. And I cannot tell you how that helped me recover. Lying in that 4×4 room, 24×7, I would look forward to meeting people and sharing jokes,” says Paulami.

My father came up with a simple rule. He said none of them could speak to me. The only way anyone was allowed to see me is if they told me a joke and I told one in return. And I cannot tell you how that helped me recover. Lying in that 4×4 room, 24×7, I would look forward to meeting people and sharing jokes.


I have known Sundeep for thirteen years now. We met just after school and hit it off as best friends. He is the sweetest guy I know. 

“Taking help from him was never embarrassing or awkward for me either. We fell into a comfortable routine. When we entered a restaurant, and I couldn’t make smaller pieces of the food on my plate, he would listen to my order, call it to his plate, make pieces and then pass it to me. He has been my rock solid support through and through.

Let’s talk to our Today’s Guest for the Inspiring story and a transformational Journey.

Here is the conversation with ” PAULAMI PATEL ”

Electrocution Survivor, Right Hand Below Elbow Amputee & Director Steel Projects (India) Pvt.Ltd

How have you been using this platform to create awareness about such serious incidents.

By regularly posting and being creative. Showing disability is not inability and limb difference awareness needs to be created at grass root levels. One can have fun in any disability if the mindset is right.



Your were too young to understand the incident at that age, how you reacted to it that time.

I raised many questions. I was lost, confused and didn’t know the magnanimity of the incident. My parents gave me the courage to overcome the struggles – physically & mentally.


◆ After sustaining such serious injuries and many surgeries, how has the recovery process been.

Very tough! Lost a hand, scars all over the body, non-operable left arm, more than 50 surgeries, It has been an extremely tough process. First I had to come to terms with all that happened. Then I started like a baby – one step at a time. Learning to stand, walk, hold a glass, open a bag, wear clothes. Everything was very difficult. Started learning tactics on becoming independent.


◆ Inspite of life being unfair to you, you have always been such a positive and strong soul,

 What keeps you full of life.

Positivity, Strong will power and mainly acceptance of the circumstance. Jo hona tha, ho gaya, ab ro ke kya fayda hai? I accepted this is my life, I have only 1 hand and this is the way I have to live my life. So, I started enjoying rather than crying over everything I have lost. That keeps me on-going!


◆ Action Speaks Louder than words, and your success must be the answer to a lot many.

How do you feel about this.

I feel extremely proud and happy that I am becoming independent. It gives immense joy yet I must say my journey is unfinished. Aur bahot kuch karna baaki hai, manzil abhi bhi door hai.. 


◆  When i read about you i felt you are a gift of God.

Do you consider your ability a gift. 

I consider this as my fate. What happened was wrong but my ability and strength is definitely a blessing for me. I am grateful for the courage I am imbibed with. It made my process to recovery road a bit smooth and fun.

◆ What according  to you can lead to a judgmental free world

Kindness, awareness and love! Who are we to judge others? What rights one gives you to feel supreme over others? We need to understand that every person is fighting their own battles in their own individually capacity. Only our kindness and love & empathy can make us better humans and eventually make this world a better place to live in. Due to lack of awareness of many things, we are facing the issues of judging & creating unlikely opinions. It’s high time we evolve & become better versions of ourselves.


◆ Does any thought of being Judged stop you from doing something, that you wanted to do .

Yes, many times. I was judged quite a number of times for having scars, amounted hand, and inability to do things. It lets you down, gives negative vibes and discourages you for everything. All the confidence you have gained by various methods, it gets snatched from you.


◆ Who was the Pillar of Support of yours During your Life.

My parents & family & friends.


◆ A message you would like to deliver to People who are Facing such kind of Hard Time. 

“Never ever give up. 20 years ago I had not imagined that I shall lose my hand but today, I push my limits every hour – whether it is picking up a pin or a phone. Such incidents make you a stronger person. Brush away the negative and embrace the positive. Struggles are indeed beautiful – they not only teach you so many things but also make you an even better and braver person”

There was always one thought – This too shall pass! There were instances when I thought about how to proceed further in life.  Will I be able to lead a normal life? Will I ever get married? Will I ever be able to work? But I valiantly fought all the obstacles and emerged even stronger! Today I work full time on my business, drive like a boss, skydive, bungee jump and do multiple open water drives and yes I have even married the love of my life & I am blessed with a beautiful daughter!

 “I have so much more to do…but not before I continue to celebrate every little victory and do my little dance along the way!


◆ Would you like to address something to girls to inspire them.


Life is beautiful if you learn to live in a joyous way. There are ups and downs of course but if you face it with happiness and bravely – anything can be conquered. With a headstrong mind set & will power, every problem can be faced smoothly.

Stop being dependent on others. Create something strong out of your life & focus on ambitions & careers. Women are the future of the world! Never think any low of yourself. Be strong, be brave and be independent – Girls are meant to fly & reach greater heights! We need to help them grow the wings, not cut it!


In her final message, this beautiful and incredible woman says, “I have seen both sides of life–as an able-bodied person and a person overcoming disability. All I want to say is that this is all a part of life. Don’t shut yourself down, don’t hold back. There is so much more to life and a whole world left to conquer. So what if I don’t have a hand, I will still live my best life.”

Paulami was truly born to fly and look she already is and how!



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