Interview with Neha Harsora , “Anushka Mukherjee Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani Fame

Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

With this Motivation and Faith in Herself ‘ Anushka Mukherjee’ Followed her passion and became a Famous Celebrity of TV Serial.

Neha Harsora is an young Indian artist.
Neha made her Television Debut in
“ Agni Vayu” on Ishara tv, where she Played the character of Agni’s younger sister- “Ananya”
She is popular by her name in Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Pani ” Anushka Mukherjee” Anu , Younger Sister of Kajol (Ishita Dutta) .

Neha was born and brought up in Mumbai and Graduate from Mithibai College and she is also continuing her studies further for investment banking.
She is fond of cooking, reading and watching series or show in my time.

I am feeling grateful to share this wonderful story with you all that how the Impossible and Hard things are achieved by the Hard Work and Dedication by Such Wonderful Artist,

So , It is my Pleasure to have Neha Harsora

with us ,
whom you all are watching in Television Serial ” Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Pani” As the Younger Sister of Ishita Dutta as Anushka Mukherjee.

◆ Tell us something about yourself and your Journey

● I love cooking, reading and watching series or show in my time. I am a graduate from Mithibai and i am continuing my studies further for investment banking.
My journey started while i was in school and started with audition from that age but I didn’t do anything prominent because studies was my priority. And later when i was in degree college i gave myself a thought that i would want to give myself up for acting because thats what i want to do since so long. During covid situation i gave many auditions and i got locked for this show -“ Agni Vayu” on Ishara tv that was my first show and i played the character of Agni’s younger sister- “Ananya”. After working there i gave more auditions for other shows and got into Colors show -“thoda sa baadal ,thoda sa paani” where i played “Anushka Mukherjee” (Anu) who was younger sister of kajol.

◆ How you are feeling to share your Journey with me on this Platform

● I’m feeling great that i can share my word with everyone around and this platform gave an opportunity for people to know me in a way.
And I wish My words will reach to many aspiring actors who are in their initial days and i would like to say keep going and stay positive one day your hard work and dedication will give you Fruitful Results.

◆ Do you like acting Since childhood & When did you decided that you want to become an Actor

● Ilove Acting and as i said earlier i wanted to do acting but only once when i got done with studies, so while i was in degree college I gave myself up for acting as career and with lots of hard work i get this opportunity.

◆ What was the incident and challenges you have faced in your initial days of Acting Career

● Everyone faces issues in life in every field so i have also faced issues with auditions in my early days as I didn’t know whom to contact and how the procedure in this line of work but as time passed by, I got to know how to deal with it. Sometimes i got nervous and because of that i felt this is enough i won’t be able to do this but as we know we should not give up and so i kept trying and Prepared myself for it and Thanks to God i am now being loved by Many People .

◆ What do you like most about the Acting

● The thing that i love the most is every day there is something new happening, new challenges, new people,new lesson to learn, and it showed me how the real world is as in behavioural pattern of people how they behave a certain ,how they deal with their problems in certain way and gave a different perspective towards different situations.

◆ Before this , You have worked in Agni Vayu , Share your experience of your role as Ananya Awasthi

● OMG, i was so excited for my first day on set everything went smooth and it was great working with Shivani tomar and the whole family was warm and welcoming and taught me so many things that I didn’t know. I learnt alot on that set. Ananya Awasthi was more of a girl who was into social media and loved her family .she was the youngest sibling of the house so she was the loved and pampered one.

◆ Now you are working with Big Entertainment Actors , Ishita Dutta in Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Pani,How does it feels when you are sharing screen with big Actors

● It feels great working with such an amazing team of actors around and sharing screen with them is a privilege. We get to learn alot when they share their experience with us. I love the whole cast especially the Mukherjee family. It feels so connected with them. Sharing screen with such big actors is that you want more of it, and you’re really ready to give yourself x100 times than what you’re capacity is.

◆ How do you feel when your fans become engrossed in lives of your Character

● It feels that they love me as my character that i play . They love me as Ananya and Anu Mukherjee that makes me put more efforts into it. Before starting with the shoot i wonder – “what would Ananya or Anu do to keep this character going?” And thats how people like me the way i portray it to them.

◆ Acting is literally a tough & challenging career, so what you do to tackle with these challenges

●Always take things professionally – if someone says something to you dont take it personally because it will affect your performance, you are here to do your job and dont let anyone cross their boundaries with you . Give respect , take respect be it whoever you are either 5yr old ,15yr old or 50 yr old. Learn to be vocal about your issues be it whatever.

◆ Which part of Acting you feel toughest and how you overcome it

● Especially when we have a lot of dialogue it’s difficult to memorise it but concentration and focus is all needed to put ourselves into the scene .once I’ve been through the dialogue and know what the scene is we can play joyfully.

◆ Where do you see your career in five years as an actor

●I am looking forward for lead shows but we know great job comes with great responsibilities and once I’m ready for it we’ll definitely know where I would be in 5 years.

◆ What do you think success is easier to achieve, or it is not meant for everybody.

●Success can be achieved by everyone once they stay determined to their goals i wont say that its not meant for everybody because anyone who wants certain thing in their life will get it if they stay focus to their goal. What is needed is time to practice certain things that will help you to achieve the success that you want.

◆ What advice do you have for young people who are just starting their careers.

● I would like to say that, Don’t give up . And one should have backup in their life regardless of what career they choose to be in. And starting from young age would definitely help to carve you in certain way . One more thing it’s never too late to do something new in life .

Thank You Guys

Vishal Ahlawat



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