Attaining gender justice is not an easy task in India. From time immemorial, a girl child has been considered as an unwanted entity and a burden whom the parents would not mind doing away with. Discrimination against women begins even before her birth. The gruesome evils of female feticide and infanticide prove how brutal the world could be to women.
Though the Indian constitution provides equal rights and privileges for men and women and makes equal provision to improve the status of women in society, majority of women are still unable to enjoy the rights and opportunities guaranteed to them.
Traditional value system, low level of literacy, more house hold responsibilities lack of awareness, non-availability of proper guidance, low mobility, lack of self confidence family discouragement and advanced science and technology are some of the factors responsible to create gender disparity in our society. The most important causes of gender disparity such as Poverty, Illiteracy, Unemployment, Social customs, Belief and Anti-female attitude are discussed here.


Women’s poverty in India is directly related to the absence of economic opportunities and autonomy, lack of access to economic resources including credit , land ownership and inheritance, lack of access to education and support services and their minimal participation in the decision making process. The situation of women on economic front is no better and men still enjoy a larger share of the cake. Thus poverty stands at the root of gender discrimination in our patriarchal society and this economic dependence on the male counterpart is itself a cause of gender disparity.


The disparities become more visible between male and female literacy rate, during 2001. The literacy rates for males increased from 56% in 1981 to nearly 76% in 2001. The corresponding change in female literacy rate from 30 to 54%. On the whole the decline on gender gap peaked in 1981 at 26.6% and was 21.7% in 2001 is less impressive. The interstate variation in literacy rate for males was much lower in comparison to females. At the state level female literacy rate varies from 35% in Bihar to 88% in Kerala In states like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir and Rajasthan, the female literacy rate is below 50%.
The progress towards education by girls is very slow and gender disparities persist at primary, upper primary and secondary stage of education. Girl’s account for only 43.7% of enrolment at primary level, 40 .9 % at upper primary level, 38.6% at secondary level and 36.9% at degree and above level. More over girl’s participation in education is still below 50% Gender differences in enrolment are prevalent in all the state at all levels. They are not able to realize full identity and power in all spheres of life only due to illiteracy.

•Social Customs, Beliefs and Practices:

Men are perceived as the major providers and protectors of a family while women are perceived as playing only a supportive role, attending to the hearth. Boys and girls are accordingly drained for different adult roles, status and authority. In Indian culture since very early periods, men have dominated women as a group and their status has been low in the family and society.
The preference for sons and disfavour towards daughter is complex phenomenon that still persists in many places. Sons especially in the business communities are considered to be economic, political and ritual assets where as daughters are considered to be liabilities. Thus anti female social bias is the main cause of gender disparity in our society.
The boy receives a ceremonial welcome on his birth where as everyone is sad at the birth of a girl child. The preference for male child is due to lower female labour participation, prevalence of social evils like dowry and many others causes. The typical orthodox mentality is present even in this modern era leading to sex determination tests and abortion in an illegal way.
Parents often think that teaching a girl child to manage the kitchen is more important than sending her to school. Many feel that it is an unnecessary financial burden to send a girl child to school as subsequently she will be married off and shifted to some other family. This orthodox belief of parents is responsible for gender disparity.

Lack of Awareness of Women:

Most of the women are unaware of their basic rights and capabilities. They even do not have the understanding as to how the socio-economic and political forces affect them. They accept all types of discriminatory practices that persist in our family and society largely due to their ignorance and unawareness.
Article 15 of the Indian constitution states that the state shall not discriminate any citizen on the grounds of only sex.
In order to change the situation along with economic growth social progress is also greatly required. Hence the need of the hour is to effectively combat gender disparity as to promote gender equality by sufficiently empowering the women.



is here to share his views on HOW GENDER INEQUALITY IS PREVAILING in our society

What is GENDER DISCRIMINATION According to You ?

According to me Gender Discrimination is basically making men superior to women and an act of suppression of women.

Why People are Killing GIRL CHILD Even After Knowing That Girls Are Also doing their best in every field?

It’s basically because of lack of right education and awareness
People who are not educated or thinks only male child can make his family proud so they are wrong
because Girls are also making their parents and even country Proud.
In every field Girls are Proving

What are the causes of Gender Dicrimination ?

There are so many Reasons by which this evil arised.


• Educational backwardness
•Religious beliefs


• On the name of family history
• Customs and beliefs

• Races

Is the Issue Becomingecoming More Prominent or are people realizing their injustices and prepared to move forward?

It’s not about issue becoming prominent the reason is that thought process of the people is changing.

Is there a “glass ceiling” for women that disallows them from progressing to the extent of their male counterparts?

There’s no glass ceiling such thing it’s basically the limits and barriers the we have created in our minds that stops us from moving forward.

In your opinion, what area of life do you think women are most lagged in (what is the main reason for the inequality)? Do you have any suggestions how the gap can be thinned in this regard?

Women are no less in any aspect it’s just the backwardness and lagging in the thought process that the main process.
The gap can be thinned just by understanding the value of a Girl and also changing the narrow thinking.

What is currently being done by people, organizations or the government to combat the issue? What can we do?

There are many schemes that are being implemented by the government to educate people and eradicate discrimination. Like BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO scheme as not educating girl child is also a form of discrimination.

we should aware people not to kill Girl child . Female infancticide is also a crime.
A girl should get the equal and same treatment like you do with your sons.
there should be no discrimination.

What Steps Should be taken by Youth to Remove this from SOCIETY?

The youth should take the responsibility and try to educate their elders and near ones and this small step would help in removing this plague from our society.

Solution for Gender Discrimination
Various movements, programmes are being carried out by the
Government, voluntary organizations and by lot of social activities for
women’s development and against the gender discrimination.
To solve the gender discrimination problem the E4
SD factor would
be very useful.
The E4
SD factors are;

1. Education

Education develops the skills, imparts knowledge, changes the
attitude and improves the self confidence. It provides employment
opportunity and increases income.

Hence educating women is the prime
factor to combat gender discriminate and for the upliftment of women.
Not only the female, the society must be educated to give equal
right for female.

2. Employment

Employment gives the income and improves the economic position
of the women. Employed women are given importance by the family
members. Employment gives the economic independence for the women.

3. Economic Independence

In India, mostly, women in the young age – depends her father, in
the middle age- she depends on her husband and in the older age –
depends on her son. Woman always depends on somebody for her
livelihoods hence, independent in economical aspects are imperative for
women’s development.
Economic independence will free the women from the slavery
position and boost the self confidence. Economic independence of
women also helps in the national economic development.

4. Empowerment

Empowering women with the help of laws, education and
employment will make the society to accept the women as an equal
gender like male.

Female also has all the potential and empowering
women will help to use her full capability and mitigate the economic
dependency of women.

5. Self-Confidence

Due to prolonged suppresment, Indian women, an especially
uneducated and unemployed woman hasn’t had the self-confidence.

Women need self confidence to fight against all the atrocities against her
and to live self esteemed life. Hence, boosting the morale and self
confidence of the women, is the key to eliminate the inferior complex of

6. Decision Making

Even in the family as well as in the society the decision making
power of women is denied. Mostly males make the importance decision
in the family and in the society. This makes women as voice less and
destroys herself confidence and she feels less important in the family as
well as in the society. So, to end gender discrimination women mustEmpower with decision making power.


A nation or society, without the participation of women cannot
achieve development. If we eliminate gender discrimination, women will
deliver all the potentials, skills, knowledge to develop the family, the
nation and the whole world.


Oh! Human
Don’t think about gender;
It is only for identification
And not for discrimination.

Man woman both are
Like the sea and the beach
Give respect to each.

Men and women
Are the same,
Stop playing
Discrimination game.

We have no right to worship Goddesses, if
We cannot respect their human form….

Say ‘No’
To abortion of girl child!
Say ‘Yes’
To adoption of girl child.

A little amount of care,
A handful of warmth and
A heart full of love for a Girl Child
Can make a big difference…..

Gender equality must become
A lived reality!

Girls have brain,
Boys have power,
We need to work together,
To meet the need of the

Empowering the girl child is
Empowering the nation.
Save the girl child

Neither king nor sweeper
Neither iron nor copper
The great one is
Only daughter!




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